Friday, May 3, 2013


The meta has once again changed thanks to the release of Hidden Arsenal 7.  We now have the powerful new Evilswarms in the meta fucking shit up and basically all but replacing Dino-Rabbit.  Now we have more annoying things to deal with in the face of Ophion or however the fuck his name is spelled.  Lets not forget about the other cards released though!!!  WE GOT TIN GOLDFISH NOW!! WOOT now the annoying gadget deck you usually play maybe once a regional or YCS has gotten just a little bit better with the release of its own Marauding Captain that gives them an instant Gear Giant X! YEA! Seriously though you can expect to see a few more of these decks appearing around now.  Also the release of Daigusto Emeral again not sure of spelling cause its kind of late as I type this and I am to lazy to check to see how to spell it, don't like it?  Get over it  <3   Anyway back to YUGIOH!!!!  So we also got the new Constellar cards which are in my opinion, just alright.  Not great, but I'm sure someone will try to build a deck out of them worthwhile.

Next up is the picture rumors of the Elemental Dragon tins, if this is true FUCK YEAAAAAAAA If this is fake, whatever, just get original copies you cheap bastards!  I will write a better more thought out article for you guys to read later, but this was just a quick update to remind you guys that fucking Evilswarm has arrived!!!

On a side note, Mermail is too broken 60 card decks top 4'ing regionals, 53 card builds winning YCSes and shit...this is just crazy.  Its like I cant decide what to run, but since the deck searches and pulls a lot let me just put everything in this bitch and hope for the best.


I will be back soon with real content, just so damn busy lately :(

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