Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Top decks for the new format

So it is now August 28, 2013.  The ban list has been known for about a week or so.  There are decks that are already starting to shine above the rest in online play as well as various locals that are already using the new format.  Right now there is a good bit of decks people are trying to play.

Here is a short list of the decks people are playing with success:

  • Plant Rulers
  • Evilswarms
  • Infernities
  • Agents 
  • Destiny Zombies
  • Mermails
  • Spellbooks
There are a few more but in the end of the day my picks for the definite top 2 of the format have to be Plant Rulers and Agents.  Both create big monsters or hard to kill monsters at a faster pace than other decks and have many outs built right into the main deck.  These two decks will definitely be seeing a lot of play this format.  Everyone wants a format where there is variety, but lets be serious this is a card game that people want to win.  They will definitely play the top decks and these two in my opinion are going to be the top two of the format as far as seeing play goes.

I want to share with you guys my current build for Plant Rulers.  I don't know if I will be playing this in real life for the simple fact that we have switched to a four month format.  I'm not sure if I will be attending any major events during the next four months that would warrant me paying for the cards I need to finish the deck.  Our local is currently only about one time per month.  I just can't justify investing in cards for a deck that I will only play four times.  Anyway on to the list.

Monsters 26
Tidal x3
Blaster x3
Reedox x3
Tempest x3
Fog King x2
Mecha Phantom Beast Tetherhawk x2
Effect Veiler x3
Spore x1
Dandylion x1
Debris Dragon x2
Lonefire blossom x1
Gorz The Emissary of Darkness x1
Flamvell Guard x1
Card Trooper x2

Sacred Sword of The Seven Stars x3
Gold Sarcophagus x1
Dark Hole x1
D.D.R x3
One for One x1
Foolish Burial x1

Traps 2
Return from the different dimension x1
Compulsory Evacuation Device x1

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tallahassee Florida Regional Report 8/24/2013 Frog Monarchs

I have full life points and things saved from yesterday but I don't really feel like that's something that needs to be included in this report.

It was around 3:30am when I woke up to get ready to leave.  Peyton and myself went to go pick up the other people, we were on our way to Florida around 4:30am.  It was a long drive.  Much longer than we expected.  We get there and its already 9:40 in the morning.  We are rushing and panicking trying to fill out our deck list and get in line to pay for the event.  We all managed to enter except for one of the guys that rode with us, he didn't have a deck built yet and just said screw it and decided to trade all day.

We open up our packs for entering, pull absolute just shit.  Nothing worth making a note on at all.  I shove the commons and rares in the side pocket of my book bag and I'm pretty sure they are still just sitting in there.  I want to run XX-Sabers next format so I planned on just scrubbing the regional and trying to get all the stuff I needed for my deck.  Well things didn't go according to plan.....

Round 1 Frogarchs vs Mermail
Game 1 I open up with a set Ronintoadin and then he OTKs me on the next turn with Megalo, etc...I could only think well this is going to be a fast day. I'm talking to the guy like I usually try and do, I'm a talkative person when I'm dueling I hate people that are TOO serious....
Game 2  Well this game didn't go over so well for him.  I open Swap Frog send Treeborn with 4 Monarchs in hand.  He didn't have an answer especially after Raiza made him Redraw twice.....During this game I was talking to him and told him what he should side against me.  He left all his Spell/Trap destruction in the deck so after this game he sides it all out.  I'm too nice of a person.
Game 3  He opens really strong.  I do a few plays.  I use Herald of Pure Light to cycle my Caius and Effect Veiler back into my hand.  He does a huge play and I guess he was expecting me to use the Veiler to try and stop it, but I just let him do it.  He misplays and tries to attack with Megalo with his Abbysgaios up, he even tributed a monster for the effect.  Anyway he kills my Herald with Gaios then main phase two went into a second Gaios.  I draw bring back treeborn and pass my turn.  He swings and I battle fader.  I draw bring back treeborn frog.  Tribute for enemy controller on his Gaios.  Monster Reborn his Megalo bring back a ronin to tribute for megalo's effect and swing on him for game after ramming his Gaios into each other.

So I won round 1....

Round 2 vs Dragon Synchro  (kid told me he didn't like XYZ)
Game 1  I otk him with Daigusto Phoenix Raiza play.
Game 2  He opens with like Star Eater and Stardust Dragon.  I use Soul Exchange to tribute his Star Eater for my LaDD and pass back.  He uses heavy to run over my LaDD with his Stardust Dragon.  I top Enemy Controller and realize I have game as long as he doesn't have something to stop attacks.  I use Enemy Controller to take his Stardust Dragon.  I XYZ into Daigusto Phoenix targeting Stardust Dragon.  He flips breakthough skill to negate, I tell him good game since he used his entire hand last round to go into the Star Eater, Stardust play and all he had was the set card.  I go into a second Daigusto Phoenix and hit him for 8000 exactly using Stardust Dragon for 5000 then the two Daigusto Phoenix for 3000.

So I won round 2 and got the attention of one of the judges since well I was a little loud and shit while I was playing and I was making big plays, not boring Monarch plays.  He tells me if I keep winning I will get a feature match.  I don't care either way, but cool incentive I guess.  Judge was a cool guy.  The guy I played Round 2 for some reason didn't go Crimson Blader was really confusing =/  He told me it was his first regional and I was trying to help him calm down and relax then well I OTK'd him and got all turned up as the young people say.....Peyton got a tie this round against 6 Samurai

Round 3 vs Six Samurai
Game 1 He opens NUTS.  Double Reckless Greed into Six Sam United into his 3rd Reckless Greed.  He dropped 5 monsters two of which were Shi En and Shien.....I scooped
Game 2  I side Puppet Plants.  He opens up crazy again.  I open up with double Battle Fader and double Puppet Plant.  I take his Shi En and Shien.  I go into a Daigusto Phoenix.  Bring back a Ronintoad in attack position.  Ram his Shien into the 6 Sam xyz, attack for exact game thanks to Toad.  He was like wow I didn't expect you to have those.  I side them for Spellbooks....
Game 3 I open with 1 Puppet Plant this game and a Fader.  He goes into Grandmaster, Kizan, Shien, Shi En, and Zanji.  I use battle fader.  I start my turn.  I Puppet Plant Shi En.  Run over his Grandmaster with it.  Activate Enemy Controller tributing his Shi En to take Kizan and then ram Kizan and Zanji together, then swing direct with Swap Frog.  Few turns go by.  I don't remember all the specifics but I remember ending this game with Dark Mist which I summoned three times thanks to him using Mist Wurm and like Compulsory Evacuation Device on it.  I attack for exact game with Dark Mist for 2150.

I was hype as fuck after making two come backs against huge fields from the six sam and for attack for exact game 3 times already using Daigusto Phoenix.

Round 4 vs Dragon Rulers
Game 1  I open up with a set Dupe Frog and pass.  He plays like Seven Swords on blaster passing back to me after setting one card.  I go into Swap Frog.  He uses Maxx C, doesn't get the draw but whatever.  I think for a second knowing I'm playing Dragon Rulers and decide to go for the OTK.  He gets 4 draws off his Maxx C in the end.  I swing with Raiza, Daigusto, Daigusto for game.  He didn't draw Veiler.
Game 2
He opens up skill drain after going into two big XYZ.   I scoop on turn 3 not wanting to waste time since my only out was Heavy...
Game 3 I side deck in my MSTs
He opens with skill drain again, but he had nothing else after summoning one dragon ruler.  I poked him with Swap Frog like 6 times then Soul Exchanged his set monster for Caius.  Then he still had nothing and I won.

The judge told me I would have a feature match next round.  It was almost round 4 but round 4 had to be repaired.  Also Round 5 had to be repaired.........TOO MANY FUCKING REPAIRS LEARN TO TYPE THE SHIT INTO THE COMPUTER!!!!!!!! Anyway, Round 5 I finally get the feature match and its me vs my friend Joey playing spellbooks.

Round 5 vs Spellbooks
Game 1
I know his deck so just to make a play I use Swap Frog to send everything to the graveyard my first turn.  He jowgens.  I have nothing he wins.
Game 2
My side deck wins the game.  OVERWORKED IS TOO SKRONG!!!
Game 3
I win this game by using Herald of Pure light to swap the Dark Dust Spirit in my hand for the Caius in my graveyard.  Then use it to banish his Gachi to swing for game.   Again... OVERWORKED TOO SKRONG!

So I'm 5-0  fucking everybody and their momma knows what I'm playing at this point.  People are like yelling shit at me from down the table when I go to sit down.  Sigh its annoying when people know what your deck is before they even sit down.....

Round 6 vs Dragon Rulers
Game 1
I opend a hand of all tribute monsters....I lost....
Game 2 
I opened a hand of just garbage again.  I only had one play with Electric Virus and well he had the Book of Moon.  I scooped.....

I didn't draw a single frog this game......

Round 7
Game 1
I don't draw a frog....I lost
Game 2
I used overworked to clear his field and attack for game.
Game 3
I didn't draw a frog and well lost....

Wtf two back to back rounds, NO FUCKING FROGS, #Salt  .......I'm mentally preparing for round 8. Because I just went from 5-0 needing 1 win to get my invite which is all I wanted to potentially not getting my invite at all.  I go shit to clear my mind and my stomach of that foot long Sub I had for lunch, I shouldn't have gotten it, after coming back from China my stomach has shrunken and I can't eat as much.  I was overly full.  It was like 4 rounds of me needing to use the bathroom but couldn't.  It sucked......anyway.  Finally went felt alright, started preparing my self for this last round to try and win to get my damn invite at least

Round 8 vs Evilswarms
Game 1 
He opens with Marauding Captain like evilswarm.  I don't know the names of any of these damn things by the way.  Then I remember thinking yeah.  This is going to be an easy match if he goes Ophion right now.  He didn't.  He went in to Key Beetle.  Attached a Vanity's Emptiness to it, then a Safe Zone.  Then proceeded to fuck me in my ass.
Game 2
This game was back and forth.  I take him down to 1400.  He then gets out bigger things and takes me down in life points.  I come back and clear his field leaving him with just 1 set card.  He top decks and its and evilswarm monster.  Turns out his face down was that trap card that lets you like send and evilswarm back to deck or some shit to grab another and well he does some shit.  Puts me on 750......Gagaga Cowboy wins him the game.....

All I could think WAS FUUUUUUUUU I just went from 5-0 to 5-3 and definitely didn't get my invite since it was only top 24 getting invites.  Regional was surprisingly smaller than what we expected it to be...Pairings go up Peyton gets 7th place.  I get 27th place #Salt Peyton gets his playmat.  Signs his Invite form.  Sells his playmat.  Then we got to Waffle House

I asked the woman what comes on the Sausage Biscuit >__>;  Proceed to order two of them and some Hashbrowns to eat my sorrows away in their greasy goodness.......

We get home at 3:30 in the morning.  The exact time we woke up.  It was a full 24 hours..........We decided to never go to a Florida Regional again........

In the end.  I didn't even get to finish my Saber deck....Still missing two Hyunlei >_<;; Nobody had the damn thing yesterday......

Waffle House
That kid that cheated with Laval Quasar deck and got caught in round 8.  I have a picture of him sitting in his chair of sorrow filling out his DQ paperwork if anybody wants to see it :P

The day
Yugioh (I really hate this game.  A lot of people don't believe me but I really do hate yugioh...)
Still needing my invite, I DONT WANT TO GO TO ANOTHER REGIONAL!!!!

Well that's about it I guess.  I don't have much else to add.  If you read this on pojo, cool, if you read this on my blog, your even cooler.  thanks for reading....if you didn't read it, you suck

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tempest Dragunity and Tournament Report

I feel like this could be a really good deck depending on if we get the same ban list as the OCG or not.  I will be creating the deck on the 20th and testing it out.  I'll write up an article for it after thorough testing.  I really like the combos the deck has and its ability to drop lots of cards by just drawing into a ravine and bw zephyros (sp?).

On to the tournament report....This is all coming from memory I lost my paper I had crap written on so bare with me....

Round 1 Frog Monarch vs Mecha Phantom Beast
Game 1
This game was fairly fast.  He lost to caius + 2 Daigusto Phoenix
Game 2
This duel was long and took forever......I eventually just scooped it up to go to game 3 after many turns of nothing
Game 3
We both passed a few times without doing much of anything.  I remember I discarding Gorz this game in the end phase because I had a reborn in hand.  There were many times this game where I could have went into a rank 7 but loaned mine out and couldn't...but I made a big play hitting him for a lot and putting him on 700.  Then after a few turns I lost most of my field presence to compulse, etc...   He is sitting behind tokens galore and like 1 actual monster.  He finally gets out another real monster then uses its effect to pop a token to search.  Then he goes into a dracossack and pops my monster.  I'm looking at my hand and his field. I had hit him a few times and put him on 700 already.  I was trying to figure out a way to clear the tokens then go into Dark Mist and kill his dracossack.  I had a swap frog in hand, two ronin in the grave but only one frog to banish for them.  I was also holding tour guide.  I chose to summon tour guide, thinking well if I just get the Leviair I can bring back my banished Swap Frog use its effect.  Bounce it to my hand then Special Another Swap Frog leaving me with more options and better presence.  I go into Leviair....He flips bottomless trap hole....FUuuuuuck me right??  Well I pass back doing nothing.  He swings I drop a battle fader.  I draw into a dupe frog so now I make the play for Dark Mist.  I hit and put him on 600, but I couldn't kill the dracossack and new it would just get popped next turn.  He kills it passes back to me time is called.  I bring out a Treeborn and Toad.  Time to stall for game....He couldn't get rid of both.  Passes back.  I draw fader. I set up more stall.  Pass.  He sets a backrow and passes back.  I just pass.  He finally makes a huge play with the Dragon Rulers trying to make a come back.  I fader.  I realize I only need to draw a caius for game so I pray to BasedGod to give me one or I lose next turn to his big ass field....I draw. Its my 3rd battle fader.  He does another big play. Attacks.  Fader....That was last turn.  GG Won by Time

Round 2 Frog Monarchs vs Old Dragon Ruler build (Ladd and stuff)
Game 1
He gets out a LADD turn 1 I cant deal with it...No treeborn frog at all and I had two tour guide in hand :(
Game 2
I open two fucking Obelisk and think I'm Summoning 1 of these!!!!  He summons LaDD first turn again.  I deal with it making him kill his DDV.  I'm like WOO I'm safe.  Then he goes into dragons, kills my shit goes into Big Eye sets a card.....the bastard top decked DDV =/  I scooped with a hand of Soul Exchange and two obelisk

Round 3 Frog Monarch vs Warrior Stuff
Game 1
I rape.....I had obelisk and ladd on the field....
Game 2 I sided out all my Maxx C
He starts off by summoning marauding captain....i kill it with leviathen.  He summons command knight uses some spell card that makes his monster like a fucking Catastor and kills my leviathen.  I dark hole and then rape some more.....

Round 4 Frog Monarch vs Inzektor...this guy was annoying and carried around a fucking army duffel of tins and shit....If you are reading this DONT FUCKING BRING ALL THOSE TINS FULL OF SHITTY FUCKING CARDS TO THE STORE ANYMORE....This guy literally knocked over the chair with his big ass back and just kept going didn't pick it up.....
Game 1
He just keeps saying annoying things trying to be funny....He opens with like Grasshopper attached with the 2400 thing....I raiza that shit.  Swing.  He sets a monster.  I drop daigusto phoenix.  Swing swing swing game
Game 2
I have no frogs just 2 raiza 1 caius effect veiler and soul exchange in my first 5 cards.  He summons Centipede and equips with the 2400 thing.  I soul exchange it for raiza and bounce his facedown.  He summons ladybug and attempts to use its effect.  I veiler.  He passes.  I tribute for raiza bounce ladybug swing.  He draws sets.  I tribute for caius banish swing.  He draws. Scoops  These two games went fairly quick thank god cause this guy was fucking annoying.....

Round 5 Frog Monarch vs Galaxy Dragon
Game 1
He fucks me up but plays poorly
Game 2
I get out a LaDD he can't really cope with it.
Game 3
I open with 4 Monarchs and Frog, my 6th card is Lightning Vortex.  I set frog.  He runs it over.  I bring it back he compulses it.  I pass.  He swings.  I draw soul exchange.  He chains something to negate or something.  I lightning vortex his one monster just to pitch treeborn.  He can't capitalize off my open field.  I  Raiza, then Raiza again, then go into Strike Bounzer with him on 800.  He scoops

4-1  My only loss is undefeated.

Top 8 is paired.  My friend is also in top 8.  I said if we get paired I'll give him the win cause I know the entire top 4 will be dragons and I don't want to play against that shit again.  We are paired together.  Top 4 was Dragon Ruler, Dragon Ruler, Dragon Ruler, Prophecy.  My friend being one of the Dragon Rulers.  His only loss was also to the undefeated.  Prizes are split.  My friend and I split our prizes together.  We go to some BBQ place that's cheap as fuck and eat good.

So after being back in America for 1 month and after entering two tournaments my record looks like this

8-3 only losing to 3 Dragon Ruler

Well that's all I got for today.  I'm going to sleep as the first day of classes is today and its 2:30 in the morning right now.  I'll post up the Tempeset Dragunity after the ban list is officially announced

Cya later scrubs

Friday, August 16, 2013

September 2013 OCG List

- Burner, Dragon Ruler of Sparks
- Stream, Dragon Ruler of Droplets
- Reactan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles
- Lightning, Dragon Ruler of Drafts
- Spellbook of Judgment

- Genex Ally Birdman
- Wind-Up Shark
- Number 11: Big Eye
- Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
- Mermail Abyssteus
- Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Rooster
- Divine Wind of Mist Valley
- Super Rejuvenation
- Abyss-sphere

- Chaos Sorcerer
- Gladiator Beast Bestiari
- Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
- Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
- Fire Formation - Tenki
- Black Whirlwind

Newly Unlimited:
- Wind-Up Magician
- Tsukuyomi
- E -- Emergency Call
- Pot of Duality
- Advanced Ritual Art
- Scapegoat
- Mirror Force
- Reasoning

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Worlds 2013

So Worlds day 1 has come to an end a little while ago.  DRAGON RULERS ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!! America is currently in first place, but we will see how things pan out tomorrow.  Oh yeah we are first place in both tournaments.  Worlds & Dragon Duels!!  Well I just wanted to update saying.....fuck dragons and there is I think 1 prophecy in the top 8 as well........I'm too lazy to check right now, its saturday night >_>

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Banned/Restricted List PREDICTION

 Welcome to my first true article after returning to America and returning to real life Yu-Gi-Oh!  Which is a good thing because Dueling Network, however fun it may be for some to play online is not my first choice when it comes to playing Yu-Gi-Oh!!!!!!  Before I get into the article I would like to wish good luck to a friend of mine Mr. Patrick Hoban.  I remember when I met you over 7 years ago at a regional after Shonen Jump Championship Atlanta, look at you now.  Bring home the gold for ‘Muricuh!!  I can imagine Dragon Rulers will be winning in Vegas, lets just hope its his build.

Anyway, on to a more serious topic and something on the minds of all players right now.  The ban and restricted list that is upcoming.  “What should I keep?  What should I get rid of?  What should I pick-up?”  These are all questions everyone wants to know mainly because Konami always puts out a list with cards nobody expects to get hit and some cards that should have gotten slapped with a ban hammer walked away with only a limiting only to be banned later.  First off I will give a list of the cards I feel need to be dealt with, but please keep in mind this is my personal opinion on what I feel is going to happen.  After I list it I will give explanations on why these changes need to be made to make this game a little more enjoyable.

Newly banned cards:
  • Card Destruction
  • Gateway of the Six Samurai
  • Spellbook of Judgment

Newly limited cards:
  • Atlantean Dragoons
  • Rescue Rabbit
  • Lavalal Chain
  • Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack
  • Brain Control
  • Fire Formation Tenki
  • Gold Sarcophagus
  • Rekindling
  • Super Rejuvenation
  • Vantiy’s Emptiness

Newly Semi-Limited cards:
  • Mermail Abyssmegalo
  • Legendary Six Samurai Shi En
  • Number 11: Big Eye
  • Black Whirlwind
  • Charge of the Light Brigade
  • Reinforcement of the Army

No longer limited
  • Destiny Hero Malicious
  • Thunder King Rai Oh

Lets start things off by reminding you this is just my opinion on what I would like to see happen to this game to make it a more enjoyable experience and try to deal with the power creep that is going on right now.

Card Destruction:  Ok first off FUCK THIS CARD.  If you have ever played this format then you have seen how destructive this card is in a Dragon deck.  I personally have used this card to OTK with dragons on more than one occasion since my return to America.  I want to hurt dragons but I dont want to completely kill the deck as we know it.  I believe the archtype should still exist, but having this card at their disposal is not something I want to be a part of.....

Gateway of the Six Samurai:  You are probably wondering, “Why the hell did he put this on the list? That deck SUCKS!”  Well there is a reason I put it on the list.  This was the main problem card of the Six Samurai deck.  If you delete this card from the picture then you can bring Shi En back to two without worrying about it breaking the game.  I will discuss this more in my post about Shi En

Spellbook of Judgment:  This being banned should be a no brainer, but I will explain anyway.  Spellbook player opens with this in his hand, and lets say....4 other spell cards and a Kycoo.  Spellbook player uses his whole hand that turn, then in the end phase gains a brand new hand and gets to special summon a monster.  Its not the fact that Judgment lets you add cards to your hand that is so ridiculous.  Its the fact that it allows you to pick what cards you add to your hand.  It has the ability to go into your deck, grab what cards you want in your hand and make that your hand, then the little shit gives you a special summon!  Its gone.

Atlantean Dragoons:  Alright.  I chose to limit this card because of how powerful Mermails are and will be if the only decks that get hit by the ban list are Dragons.  Mermails were the most powerful deck at the beginning of this format because of its access to the Rank 7 monsters.  Then came Dragons which did the same thing, but faster and better.  Well if you just hit Dragons, then the Mermails will come creeping back up.  This card’s searching ability is reason enough to put him at one.  I dont want to kill the deck, but I don’t want to get OTK’d by it like I was before Dragons came along.

Rescue Rabbit:  Honestly I want to ban this card, but putting it at one is just as good as banning it.  A card that gives you a free two monsters is never good.  Just take a look at his other Recue pal, Rescue Cat.  This card was very deadly upon release then got put to two, well I feel it should be at 1.  Free beaters that turn into a hard to deal with XYZ, no thanks.

Lavalal Chain:  This card makes Infernities just nuts.  Its adds a lot of speed and allows for more combos than Internities should be allowed.  I said this about a few other cards, but if we are going to hit Dragons and Spellbooks we also need to make sure we keep the other decks in check.  We can’t only focus on hitting those two decks.

Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack:  This is another one of those cards that if you have been playing this format you understand why it should go to one.  Its a big attack easy summon monster that has a destruction effect as well as a protection effect.  So your telling me that releasing a card that can give you two more monsters, destroy a card, and can’t be killed as long as it has one of its own tokens on the field was invented in our game and its easy to spam??  Then I’m telling you it needs to be at one.  With my extensive, EXTENSIVE play against Dragons dealing with one Dracossack was never a problem.  The problem comes when next turn they bring the Dragons back, go into another Sack, then destroy the field presence you just created in order to deal with the first one.  Fuck that and fuck this card.  It goes to one!

Brain Control:  Yep motherfuckers I brought back Brain Control!  Some people feel that this card is bad for the game because it requires no real skill or setup.  Just pay your 800 take your opponents monster, potentially win the game.  Well I feel that if we play a game where Big Eye is a card that is allowed then let other decks that can’t go into the Big guy have a monster stealer as well.  This card can be bad for the game, but I always felt it was better for the game and I want to Brain Control Big Eye to take your other monster.  Yea this is a personal choice, not a smart one :P

Fire Formation Tenki:  This a preemptive strike towards the second tier one deck that was running things before the release of Prophecy and Dragon Rulers.  With them being hit and with the release of Brotherhood of the Fire Fist Cock it puts FF back in contention.  Well I want to keep them in contention but if 
Reinforcement of the Army can’t be at three then this card should not be either!

Gold Sarcophagus:  This card was NEVER intended to be used like it is.  Gold Sarcophagus is a remnant from a slower time in Yu-Gi-Oh.  A time where waiting two turns for a power card was possible.  Now with Dragon Rulers it is just being abused and raped for its powers.  Powers it never should have seen.  Unfortunately this old beauty needs to be limited to help slow down the Rulers of the Tiers, Dragons....

Rekindling:  Alright.  This is another preemptive strike.  This card allows Fire Fist to bring back a possible 5 monsters, for FREE.  Well guess what.  I don’t want them to have this shit at 3.  Only an idiot would think this card should remained untouched.  Can you imagine the abuse this card will see if it stays at 3?  A late game Rekindling into a bunch of XYZ, oh wait I have a 2nd one in my hand, let me XYZ up then bring out some more to fuck you harder!! WOOOOOOO!!! No -_-;;  Fuck that and fuck this card as well!

Super Rejuvenation:  I see no real reason to ban this card.  Limiting it should be enough.  It can become dead really fast at one.  It makes it a tough choice to even include in a Dragon deck.  Not much to be said here, besides that it should not be at three that’s a definite.

Vanity’s Emptiness:  This card should be limited for the same reasons Royal Oppression got banned.  Let me remind you.  Royal Oppression was banned because once upon a time we had a format where Teleport Dragons were a thing.  They set up a huge field presence then flipped Royal Oppression so that you could not recover on the following turn.  Well the same thing happens with this card.  Dragons make a huge field of Draco, Big Eye, Master of Blades, etc then they flip this and fuck you from making any kind of come back the following turn unless you have a way to kill a monster or a spell/trap immediately on the following turn.

Mermail Abyssmegalo:  This is another problem card that should be dealt with preemptively.  Just hitting Dragoons is not enough.  Megalo should not go unscathed.
Legendary Six Samurai Shi En:  I put this at two because I banned Gateway.  With Gateway gone this card is no where near as easy to drop or easy to abuse.  This card is no longer as strong as it was upon release thanks to XYZ monsters.  Honestly it could go to three and not make that much of a difference, but I feel more comfortable putting it at two.

Number 11 Big Eye:  I honestly feel this card is going to be in the Tins.  I have been telling people this ever since the announcement of the Tins being the Dragons.  This card will probably go to one in real life, but I feel it’s okay at two.  You can’t leave it at three otherwise Dragons will just switch out Dracossack abuse for Big Eye abuse.  This card will be exaclty like Goyo Guardian.  It came out in a set.  Was overly used.  Steals opponents monsters with ease.  Mass released in a easy to get method.  Put to one.  Then eventually it will be banned just like Goyo, but for now I wouldn’t mind seeing it at two.

Black Whirlwind:  Lets be honest right now.  They put Kalut at three and Blackwings still suck.  They need something to help speed them up just a little bit.  I’d rather see this at two than Gale simply because Gale is a tuner that halfs a monsters attack and can be special summoned from hand to give you a easy Synchro/XYZ play.  Black Whirlwind > Gale.

Charge of the Light Brigade:  I just don’t see why this should be at one.  Two is a good number for this.  Gives the deck a decent amount of speed and helps other decks that like to tech in Lightsworns.

Reinforcement of the Army:  With the banning of Gateway this helps Six Samurai to compete.  I know what everyone else is thinking though, “What about HEROES?”  Well think about it like this, When was the last time Heroes was actually top tier?  Heroes are good but even with this at two it doesn’t break them wide open.  It’s just like putting eCall back at three but instead of just benefiting Heroes we are benefiting all warriors.

Destiny Hero Malicious:  With Emergency Teleport at three bringing this back to three might seem a bit dangerous, but honestly I don’t see where it would affect the game so much.  Also some of the funnest times I had playing this game was back when Destiny Heroes was a splashable engine.  I miss those times.  So sue me bitch its my list I do what I want!!!

Thunder King Rai Oh:  Why the fuck was this put at two??? No description here, just put the fucking card back to three Konami!!!!

Well that is my list.  I’m open to hearing opinions, etc.  Just leave a comment below.  Message me on Pojo.  Do whatever it is you want to do to contact me.  Post up on my facebook page.  Enjoy my list or don’t.  I like it!

I'm BACK!!!

This blog is about to become WAY more active now that I am back in America.  I will be dedicating more of my free time to this now that I'm back in America and I'm active in the YuGiOh community once again.

My next blog post will go up tonight and it will be about the ban list.  After going to a few tournaments since returning to America.  I think I have finally collected enough data to understand what needs to be done to this game in September.

Anyway.  I'm back.  I have a new laptop, I have a new recording device coming in the mail, I will be playing tier 1 after the September list as I plan on taking my final year (possibly) of Yu-Gi-Oh very seriously.  So watch out Statesboro, I'm not playing frogs anymore ; )     Except on the 17th.  Its the last tournament we will have of this format and well there is no point in investing in cards with the ban list incoming.

I'm off to go write my article on what I feel should be restricted/banned, etc!