Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tempest Dragunity and Tournament Report

I feel like this could be a really good deck depending on if we get the same ban list as the OCG or not.  I will be creating the deck on the 20th and testing it out.  I'll write up an article for it after thorough testing.  I really like the combos the deck has and its ability to drop lots of cards by just drawing into a ravine and bw zephyros (sp?).

On to the tournament report....This is all coming from memory I lost my paper I had crap written on so bare with me....

Round 1 Frog Monarch vs Mecha Phantom Beast
Game 1
This game was fairly fast.  He lost to caius + 2 Daigusto Phoenix
Game 2
This duel was long and took forever......I eventually just scooped it up to go to game 3 after many turns of nothing
Game 3
We both passed a few times without doing much of anything.  I remember I discarding Gorz this game in the end phase because I had a reborn in hand.  There were many times this game where I could have went into a rank 7 but loaned mine out and couldn't...but I made a big play hitting him for a lot and putting him on 700.  Then after a few turns I lost most of my field presence to compulse, etc...   He is sitting behind tokens galore and like 1 actual monster.  He finally gets out another real monster then uses its effect to pop a token to search.  Then he goes into a dracossack and pops my monster.  I'm looking at my hand and his field. I had hit him a few times and put him on 700 already.  I was trying to figure out a way to clear the tokens then go into Dark Mist and kill his dracossack.  I had a swap frog in hand, two ronin in the grave but only one frog to banish for them.  I was also holding tour guide.  I chose to summon tour guide, thinking well if I just get the Leviair I can bring back my banished Swap Frog use its effect.  Bounce it to my hand then Special Another Swap Frog leaving me with more options and better presence.  I go into Leviair....He flips bottomless trap hole....FUuuuuuck me right??  Well I pass back doing nothing.  He swings I drop a battle fader.  I draw into a dupe frog so now I make the play for Dark Mist.  I hit and put him on 600, but I couldn't kill the dracossack and new it would just get popped next turn.  He kills it passes back to me time is called.  I bring out a Treeborn and Toad.  Time to stall for game....He couldn't get rid of both.  Passes back.  I draw fader. I set up more stall.  Pass.  He sets a backrow and passes back.  I just pass.  He finally makes a huge play with the Dragon Rulers trying to make a come back.  I fader.  I realize I only need to draw a caius for game so I pray to BasedGod to give me one or I lose next turn to his big ass field....I draw. Its my 3rd battle fader.  He does another big play. Attacks.  Fader....That was last turn.  GG Won by Time

Round 2 Frog Monarchs vs Old Dragon Ruler build (Ladd and stuff)
Game 1
He gets out a LADD turn 1 I cant deal with it...No treeborn frog at all and I had two tour guide in hand :(
Game 2
I open two fucking Obelisk and think I'm Summoning 1 of these!!!!  He summons LaDD first turn again.  I deal with it making him kill his DDV.  I'm like WOO I'm safe.  Then he goes into dragons, kills my shit goes into Big Eye sets a card.....the bastard top decked DDV =/  I scooped with a hand of Soul Exchange and two obelisk

Round 3 Frog Monarch vs Warrior Stuff
Game 1
I rape.....I had obelisk and ladd on the field....
Game 2 I sided out all my Maxx C
He starts off by summoning marauding captain....i kill it with leviathen.  He summons command knight uses some spell card that makes his monster like a fucking Catastor and kills my leviathen.  I dark hole and then rape some more.....

Round 4 Frog Monarch vs Inzektor...this guy was annoying and carried around a fucking army duffel of tins and shit....If you are reading this DONT FUCKING BRING ALL THOSE TINS FULL OF SHITTY FUCKING CARDS TO THE STORE ANYMORE....This guy literally knocked over the chair with his big ass back and just kept going didn't pick it up.....
Game 1
He just keeps saying annoying things trying to be funny....He opens with like Grasshopper attached with the 2400 thing....I raiza that shit.  Swing.  He sets a monster.  I drop daigusto phoenix.  Swing swing swing game
Game 2
I have no frogs just 2 raiza 1 caius effect veiler and soul exchange in my first 5 cards.  He summons Centipede and equips with the 2400 thing.  I soul exchange it for raiza and bounce his facedown.  He summons ladybug and attempts to use its effect.  I veiler.  He passes.  I tribute for raiza bounce ladybug swing.  He draws sets.  I tribute for caius banish swing.  He draws. Scoops  These two games went fairly quick thank god cause this guy was fucking annoying.....

Round 5 Frog Monarch vs Galaxy Dragon
Game 1
He fucks me up but plays poorly
Game 2
I get out a LaDD he can't really cope with it.
Game 3
I open with 4 Monarchs and Frog, my 6th card is Lightning Vortex.  I set frog.  He runs it over.  I bring it back he compulses it.  I pass.  He swings.  I draw soul exchange.  He chains something to negate or something.  I lightning vortex his one monster just to pitch treeborn.  He can't capitalize off my open field.  I  Raiza, then Raiza again, then go into Strike Bounzer with him on 800.  He scoops

4-1  My only loss is undefeated.

Top 8 is paired.  My friend is also in top 8.  I said if we get paired I'll give him the win cause I know the entire top 4 will be dragons and I don't want to play against that shit again.  We are paired together.  Top 4 was Dragon Ruler, Dragon Ruler, Dragon Ruler, Prophecy.  My friend being one of the Dragon Rulers.  His only loss was also to the undefeated.  Prizes are split.  My friend and I split our prizes together.  We go to some BBQ place that's cheap as fuck and eat good.

So after being back in America for 1 month and after entering two tournaments my record looks like this

8-3 only losing to 3 Dragon Ruler

Well that's all I got for today.  I'm going to sleep as the first day of classes is today and its 2:30 in the morning right now.  I'll post up the Tempeset Dragunity after the ban list is officially announced

Cya later scrubs

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