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Tallahassee Florida Regional Report 8/24/2013 Frog Monarchs

I have full life points and things saved from yesterday but I don't really feel like that's something that needs to be included in this report.

It was around 3:30am when I woke up to get ready to leave.  Peyton and myself went to go pick up the other people, we were on our way to Florida around 4:30am.  It was a long drive.  Much longer than we expected.  We get there and its already 9:40 in the morning.  We are rushing and panicking trying to fill out our deck list and get in line to pay for the event.  We all managed to enter except for one of the guys that rode with us, he didn't have a deck built yet and just said screw it and decided to trade all day.

We open up our packs for entering, pull absolute just shit.  Nothing worth making a note on at all.  I shove the commons and rares in the side pocket of my book bag and I'm pretty sure they are still just sitting in there.  I want to run XX-Sabers next format so I planned on just scrubbing the regional and trying to get all the stuff I needed for my deck.  Well things didn't go according to plan.....

Round 1 Frogarchs vs Mermail
Game 1 I open up with a set Ronintoadin and then he OTKs me on the next turn with Megalo, etc...I could only think well this is going to be a fast day. I'm talking to the guy like I usually try and do, I'm a talkative person when I'm dueling I hate people that are TOO serious....
Game 2  Well this game didn't go over so well for him.  I open Swap Frog send Treeborn with 4 Monarchs in hand.  He didn't have an answer especially after Raiza made him Redraw twice.....During this game I was talking to him and told him what he should side against me.  He left all his Spell/Trap destruction in the deck so after this game he sides it all out.  I'm too nice of a person.
Game 3  He opens really strong.  I do a few plays.  I use Herald of Pure Light to cycle my Caius and Effect Veiler back into my hand.  He does a huge play and I guess he was expecting me to use the Veiler to try and stop it, but I just let him do it.  He misplays and tries to attack with Megalo with his Abbysgaios up, he even tributed a monster for the effect.  Anyway he kills my Herald with Gaios then main phase two went into a second Gaios.  I draw bring back treeborn and pass my turn.  He swings and I battle fader.  I draw bring back treeborn frog.  Tribute for enemy controller on his Gaios.  Monster Reborn his Megalo bring back a ronin to tribute for megalo's effect and swing on him for game after ramming his Gaios into each other.

So I won round 1....

Round 2 vs Dragon Synchro  (kid told me he didn't like XYZ)
Game 1  I otk him with Daigusto Phoenix Raiza play.
Game 2  He opens with like Star Eater and Stardust Dragon.  I use Soul Exchange to tribute his Star Eater for my LaDD and pass back.  He uses heavy to run over my LaDD with his Stardust Dragon.  I top Enemy Controller and realize I have game as long as he doesn't have something to stop attacks.  I use Enemy Controller to take his Stardust Dragon.  I XYZ into Daigusto Phoenix targeting Stardust Dragon.  He flips breakthough skill to negate, I tell him good game since he used his entire hand last round to go into the Star Eater, Stardust play and all he had was the set card.  I go into a second Daigusto Phoenix and hit him for 8000 exactly using Stardust Dragon for 5000 then the two Daigusto Phoenix for 3000.

So I won round 2 and got the attention of one of the judges since well I was a little loud and shit while I was playing and I was making big plays, not boring Monarch plays.  He tells me if I keep winning I will get a feature match.  I don't care either way, but cool incentive I guess.  Judge was a cool guy.  The guy I played Round 2 for some reason didn't go Crimson Blader was really confusing =/  He told me it was his first regional and I was trying to help him calm down and relax then well I OTK'd him and got all turned up as the young people say.....Peyton got a tie this round against 6 Samurai

Round 3 vs Six Samurai
Game 1 He opens NUTS.  Double Reckless Greed into Six Sam United into his 3rd Reckless Greed.  He dropped 5 monsters two of which were Shi En and Shien.....I scooped
Game 2  I side Puppet Plants.  He opens up crazy again.  I open up with double Battle Fader and double Puppet Plant.  I take his Shi En and Shien.  I go into a Daigusto Phoenix.  Bring back a Ronintoad in attack position.  Ram his Shien into the 6 Sam xyz, attack for exact game thanks to Toad.  He was like wow I didn't expect you to have those.  I side them for Spellbooks....
Game 3 I open with 1 Puppet Plant this game and a Fader.  He goes into Grandmaster, Kizan, Shien, Shi En, and Zanji.  I use battle fader.  I start my turn.  I Puppet Plant Shi En.  Run over his Grandmaster with it.  Activate Enemy Controller tributing his Shi En to take Kizan and then ram Kizan and Zanji together, then swing direct with Swap Frog.  Few turns go by.  I don't remember all the specifics but I remember ending this game with Dark Mist which I summoned three times thanks to him using Mist Wurm and like Compulsory Evacuation Device on it.  I attack for exact game with Dark Mist for 2150.

I was hype as fuck after making two come backs against huge fields from the six sam and for attack for exact game 3 times already using Daigusto Phoenix.

Round 4 vs Dragon Rulers
Game 1  I open up with a set Dupe Frog and pass.  He plays like Seven Swords on blaster passing back to me after setting one card.  I go into Swap Frog.  He uses Maxx C, doesn't get the draw but whatever.  I think for a second knowing I'm playing Dragon Rulers and decide to go for the OTK.  He gets 4 draws off his Maxx C in the end.  I swing with Raiza, Daigusto, Daigusto for game.  He didn't draw Veiler.
Game 2
He opens up skill drain after going into two big XYZ.   I scoop on turn 3 not wanting to waste time since my only out was Heavy...
Game 3 I side deck in my MSTs
He opens with skill drain again, but he had nothing else after summoning one dragon ruler.  I poked him with Swap Frog like 6 times then Soul Exchanged his set monster for Caius.  Then he still had nothing and I won.

The judge told me I would have a feature match next round.  It was almost round 4 but round 4 had to be repaired.  Also Round 5 had to be repaired.........TOO MANY FUCKING REPAIRS LEARN TO TYPE THE SHIT INTO THE COMPUTER!!!!!!!! Anyway, Round 5 I finally get the feature match and its me vs my friend Joey playing spellbooks.

Round 5 vs Spellbooks
Game 1
I know his deck so just to make a play I use Swap Frog to send everything to the graveyard my first turn.  He jowgens.  I have nothing he wins.
Game 2
My side deck wins the game.  OVERWORKED IS TOO SKRONG!!!
Game 3
I win this game by using Herald of Pure light to swap the Dark Dust Spirit in my hand for the Caius in my graveyard.  Then use it to banish his Gachi to swing for game.   Again... OVERWORKED TOO SKRONG!

So I'm 5-0  fucking everybody and their momma knows what I'm playing at this point.  People are like yelling shit at me from down the table when I go to sit down.  Sigh its annoying when people know what your deck is before they even sit down.....

Round 6 vs Dragon Rulers
Game 1
I opend a hand of all tribute monsters....I lost....
Game 2 
I opened a hand of just garbage again.  I only had one play with Electric Virus and well he had the Book of Moon.  I scooped.....

I didn't draw a single frog this game......

Round 7
Game 1
I don't draw a frog....I lost
Game 2
I used overworked to clear his field and attack for game.
Game 3
I didn't draw a frog and well lost....

Wtf two back to back rounds, NO FUCKING FROGS, #Salt  .......I'm mentally preparing for round 8. Because I just went from 5-0 needing 1 win to get my invite which is all I wanted to potentially not getting my invite at all.  I go shit to clear my mind and my stomach of that foot long Sub I had for lunch, I shouldn't have gotten it, after coming back from China my stomach has shrunken and I can't eat as much.  I was overly full.  It was like 4 rounds of me needing to use the bathroom but couldn't.  It sucked......anyway.  Finally went felt alright, started preparing my self for this last round to try and win to get my damn invite at least

Round 8 vs Evilswarms
Game 1 
He opens with Marauding Captain like evilswarm.  I don't know the names of any of these damn things by the way.  Then I remember thinking yeah.  This is going to be an easy match if he goes Ophion right now.  He didn't.  He went in to Key Beetle.  Attached a Vanity's Emptiness to it, then a Safe Zone.  Then proceeded to fuck me in my ass.
Game 2
This game was back and forth.  I take him down to 1400.  He then gets out bigger things and takes me down in life points.  I come back and clear his field leaving him with just 1 set card.  He top decks and its and evilswarm monster.  Turns out his face down was that trap card that lets you like send and evilswarm back to deck or some shit to grab another and well he does some shit.  Puts me on 750......Gagaga Cowboy wins him the game.....

All I could think WAS FUUUUUUUUU I just went from 5-0 to 5-3 and definitely didn't get my invite since it was only top 24 getting invites.  Regional was surprisingly smaller than what we expected it to be...Pairings go up Peyton gets 7th place.  I get 27th place #Salt Peyton gets his playmat.  Signs his Invite form.  Sells his playmat.  Then we got to Waffle House

I asked the woman what comes on the Sausage Biscuit >__>;  Proceed to order two of them and some Hashbrowns to eat my sorrows away in their greasy goodness.......

We get home at 3:30 in the morning.  The exact time we woke up.  It was a full 24 hours..........We decided to never go to a Florida Regional again........

In the end.  I didn't even get to finish my Saber deck....Still missing two Hyunlei >_<;; Nobody had the damn thing yesterday......

Waffle House
That kid that cheated with Laval Quasar deck and got caught in round 8.  I have a picture of him sitting in his chair of sorrow filling out his DQ paperwork if anybody wants to see it :P

The day
Yugioh (I really hate this game.  A lot of people don't believe me but I really do hate yugioh...)
Still needing my invite, I DONT WANT TO GO TO ANOTHER REGIONAL!!!!

Well that's about it I guess.  I don't have much else to add.  If you read this on pojo, cool, if you read this on my blog, your even cooler.  thanks for reading....if you didn't read it, you suck

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