Thursday, August 8, 2013

I'm BACK!!!

This blog is about to become WAY more active now that I am back in America.  I will be dedicating more of my free time to this now that I'm back in America and I'm active in the YuGiOh community once again.

My next blog post will go up tonight and it will be about the ban list.  After going to a few tournaments since returning to America.  I think I have finally collected enough data to understand what needs to be done to this game in September.

Anyway.  I'm back.  I have a new laptop, I have a new recording device coming in the mail, I will be playing tier 1 after the September list as I plan on taking my final year (possibly) of Yu-Gi-Oh very seriously.  So watch out Statesboro, I'm not playing frogs anymore ; )     Except on the 17th.  Its the last tournament we will have of this format and well there is no point in investing in cards with the ban list incoming.

I'm off to go write my article on what I feel should be restricted/banned, etc!

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