Monday, April 8, 2013

Mermail Win YCS....again

     So if you haven't been sleeping under a rock you know that right now the current top deck is Mermail.  Mono Mermail, Merlantean whatever you want to call it.  It has won back to back YCSs now and has definitely put itself at the top of the food chain with Fire Fist following close behind, but soon that all changes.  With the impeding release of Hidden Arsenal 7 the meta will once again get a face lift.  The new Evilswarms will be coming out and you can't forget that gadgets will be getting the new Tin Goldfish card to add to their arsenal as well.  So once again you are going to be seeing people drop Rescue Rabbit and xyz but now its going to be into cards like Evilswarm Ophion instead of Dolkka. The meta will change as Merlantean will be phased out and the deck will have to adapt to the new threat.

     Alright now I just want to touch on the idea of Sealed play for a second.  For those that don't know what happened at YCS San Diego, Day 1 was Sealed.  Everyone showed up, they were given paper, pen, and packs.  The opened the 10 packs, wrote down on the paper what was in them and then returned the packs back to the TO to redistribute.  This was done so that people couldn't just say "OH MY GOD I PULLED TRIP TOUR GUIDE SO GREAT!!!!"  Cause if they wanted to put three tour guide in that means they would lose them.  On the other hand the opposite might have occurred. "Oh shit I pulled star foil Tour Guide!!! Let me just slide that under the table real quick and replace it with some lower value card"  I don't know if they had any protection against such things happening but that's whatever I guess.  In sealed play (using Battle Packs) I would not want a Tour Guide anyway unless I pulled some rank 3 xyz monsters that are going to help.  Most people built a 30 card deck with the highest attack monsters they pulled and threw in a few high defense monsters just for good measure.  Which is what you should do, but now let me just talk about how I really feel about Sealed play.........


Yu-Gi-Oh should never have sealed play.  I hate the entire concept of it.  Who in the fuck wants to drive/fly/walk miles and miles and miles to show up and not even know what they are going to be able to play until they get there.  This shit might work for Magic, but its not for YuGiOh.  This game should only be constructed.  I know I personally would never travel even one hour just to base my entire tournament performance on whether or not I got enough 1900 attack monsters or 2000 defense monsters.  That's just stupid.  Sealed play seems like a huge waste of time to me.  Your entire tournament experience depends on what you get from random packs.  I don't know about you guys, but I don't even buy packs let alone am I going to buy 10 packs and pray to god/buddha/ala/tom cruise that I get enough decent cards to make a playable deck.  Just no, fuck that...YuGiOh is luck based enough.  I don't see a reason with adding more dumb luck to this game by making it so you have to open a bunch of pretty shitty packs and make a deck.  It can weed out the bad players from the good players if you think about it in the sense that a good player should be able to win even if the deck is unfamiliar, but think about it like this, it doesn't matter how great you are at the game if your packs don't even come with one monster with 1900 ATK or 2000 DEF you are going to lose.  You are going to get steam rolled by other people that did get them whether they are good or not, because this isn't a combo-based format its a "OH big attack let me put him in here format!"  Also what if you don't get any monster destruction.  No fissures, no anything......You get a bunch of worthless spells.  I'm sorry but Yu Gi Oh is lucky enough without adding in these stupid pack opening factors.

So in short


If you like sealed play...FUCK YOU!!!!!

Naw I'm just kidding your cool.  I love you.  Enjoy your sealed play...alone....cause nobody likes it.

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