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Damage Step, Substeps, and Calculation Explained

Alright, so with the resurgence of popularity in Blackwings I think its time I broke down the damage step and the substeps so people can gain a greater understanding of what exactly happens when they are declaring an attack and when they should or shouldn't use a certain card to try and trample over their opponents monster.  There are many articles out there that are very complicated when it comes to explaining things so I want to try and make this as clear as possible.  Since this is an adult oriented blog, this allows me use certain words to better increase your understanding of when you can and can't do things.

When attacking there are 7 substeps that take place before its all said and done.  Most people just think there are 3 or maybe even just 2, but for those that don't know there are 7!! 7!!!!! Okay now that we got that out of the way.....On to explaining the seven substeps and what you can and can't do during them.

Attack Decleration
Mirror Force, Sakuretsu, etc is activated right now.

Before Entering Damage Step
Cards that don't need to be activated in response to an attack maybe activated right now, Waboku, etc as long as it is a spell speed 2.  You can have multiple chains in this step before both players agree to move on to the Damage Step.

Substep 1
This is the start of the Damage Step.  First thing that happens are Continuous Effects.  The effects of cards like Steamroid and Jain, Lightsworn Paladin happen right now!  So the boosting of their attacks is the first thing to happen.  You got it???  THE VERY FIRST THING !!!  Next in substep two we have Trigger Effects, such as Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, Mystic Swordsman LV2, etc.   During this step you may also activate spell speed two cards that increase or decrease a monsters attack.

Substep 2
Flipping monsters face-up.  If the monster is face-down now it will be flipped face-up.  FLIP EFFECTS DO NOT FUCKING ACTIVATE IN THIS STEP!!!!!  TRIGGER EFFECTS THAT ACTIVATE WHEN FLIPPED FACE-UP DO NOT ACTIVATE AT THIS TIME!!! (Tsukuyomi)  Now that the monster is face up if it has a Continuous Effect it is now applied.  So if they are attacking a face down Jinzo, traps can no longer be used after this part of Substep 2 because he is now face-up and negating cards.  During this step you may also activate spell speed two cards that increase or decrease a monsters attack

Substep 3
This is the step right before we actually enter damage calculation.  Now cards such as Ehren, Lightsworn Monk's effects activate.  Other notable cards like this are Drillroid and Ninja Grand Master Sasuke.  Now we have cards that have effects that activate when they are attacked and flipped face up, this is the substep these cards actually activate in.  Cards like Ancient Lamp and Blast Sphere.  Normally such cards say "without applying Damage Calculation".  A classic card Reflect Bounder also gains his effect during this substep.  During this step you may also activate spell speed two cards that increase or decrease a monsters attack.  Now there is one thing I should note about substep 3.  YOU ARE ALLOWED MULTIPLE CHAINS IN THIS STEP FOR ATTACK INCREASING AND DECREASING CARDS!!  So if you have Shrink set and Rush Recklessly and your opponent uses Solemn Judgment to negate Shrink.  You are now free to start a NEW chain to activate the Rush Recklessly.

Substep 4
We are now entering damage calculation.  Now we can activate cards that say "during damage calculation".  There is only one Chain allowed during this step.  Before this chain starts any Continuous Effects that are specific to damage calculation are applied! YOU HEAR ME FUCKERS!! BEFORE STARTING THE CHAIN!!!!  Substep 4 is usually the most optimal step to use Honest who can be activated during any of these steps, but there is no real reason to activate Honest prior to substep 4.  The only effects that can be used during this one chain are cards that say "during damage calculation" and effects that negate them, like Counter Traps and Light and Darkness Dragon.  EFFECTS THAT INCREASE OR DECREASE A MONSTERS ATTACK CAN NOT BE USED AT THIS TIME!!! YOU MISSED THE TIMING FOR SHRINK IF YOU ARE TRYING TO DO IT RIGHT NOW!!!!

Let me give you an example of how substep 4 works.
I have a Thunder King Rai-Oh.  I attack your Sabersaurus.  I ask do you have any responses during substeps 1-3.  You reply no.  I say alright.  Substep 4 aka Damage Calculation I will use my Honest.  You flip Shrink in attempt to chain to Honest.  I laugh at you for being bad at this game cause you just missed your chance to use the Shrink.

Now Honest vs Honest!!!!!
Same scenario except now you have Thunder King too.  I attack.  I ask for a response you do nothing.  I declare substep 4 aka Damage Calculation and use my Honest.  You decide to chain your Honest to my Honest.  Well now when the chain resolves my Honest will be chain link 1 and resolve after yours making my monster still 1900 more than your monster and you wasted your Honest.

Substep 5
We are now done with damage calculation.  Now we can use cards like Don Zaloog, and Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer if they inflicted damage.  There are a couple of other things that can happen here but are card specific and I don't want to get into that cause they are bad cards....

Substep 6
Now your flip effect will resolve!!!! REJOICE YOU CAN RYKO!!!!  This is also the step when cards like Snowman Eater activate their effects.  D.D. Warrior Lady and D. D. Assailant activate now.

Substep 7  WOO LAST ONE!!!
You are now entering the end of the damage step and cards like Mystic Tomato and shit attempt to activate now, as long as they aren't banished of course.   This is also the time to use Hydrogeddon and Blue Thunder effects to gain your pluses.  Fulhelmknights destroying a defense position monster effect activates during this step as well.  This is also when you get The Six Samurai Zanji's effect and Chainsaw Insect and other cards that activate in this manner.


So you are probably wondering? Well when the fuck should I use Kalut ???  During substep 4 because it can be used during damage calculation!  So when the fuck can I forbidden lance????  Substep 3 and sooner.  In other words if you know your opponent has Kalut and you need to make their monster small enough so that Kalut won't matter, you better do it before substep 4 aka Damage Calculation

Welcome to the crazy world of the damage step substeps.  If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'd rather you didn't because I'm lazy and fuck you....Naw I'm just kidding......Love you guys <3

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  1. So during the battle phase can Constellar Omega's effect be used to stop lets say a mirror force from affecting it? My friend and I disagree on this. I think Omega should detach before the declaration..