Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tournament Report September 14th Plant Rulers

So I ran pretty much the same deck I ran last time except I put in Corsesca and Lonefire Blossom.

 Round 1 vs Chaos Dragon Game 1 Free Game 2 Free

 Round 2 vs Gladiator Beast
Game 1 I use all three of my Maxx Cs on him this game....
Game 2 I didn't really draw into my side deck cards. I think I drew like one of my MSTs and that's it. I remember doing a play with dracossack and blackrose dragon after he fiendish chained my BRD.

 Round 3 vs Dragon Rulers
 Game 1 LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF TOKENS, he gets out a shooting star dragon but can't hit me, I take the shooting star dragon, I cant hit him, we play for a really long time with tokens and ramming and can't really do damage. Time is called.....I win in time
 Game 2 He goes first, I make a colossal fighter and swing for 2800. He makes a big eye and takes it and swings for 2800. I make a big eye to try and take his big eye to take colossal. He uses veiler. He wins.
Game 3 He opens with a set monster. I open with a blaster and a gaia with two dandylion tokens. I run over his guard for 600 with gaia attack for 2800 directly. He is able to make a play but thanks to the two tokens he wasn't able to kill me. I win in time. We were more than 40 minutes over time because you can't draw at locals

 Round 4 vs Mecha Rulers
Game 1 We go back and forth I take game with thanks to the overwhelming power that dragons can create. Game 2 He opened double electric virus ftw
Game 3 We played back and forth for a little bit. Eventually time is called.....I'm able to make a big play and hit him down to like 700. Then on his turn I immediately flipped Vanity's Emptiness. He sets a monster, my blaster bounces to my hand. I draw its another emptiness and its my last turn in time. So I set effect veiler set my other emptiness. He summons some level 4 phantom beast thing flips his facedown its another phantom beast, he runs over veiler killing it and the emptiness, he attacks with the other one and i flip the second emptiness, he wasnt able to go into gagaga cowboy, but even if he could have I dont think it would have mattered......

 Round 5 vs Plant Rulers
Alright so Chris and me are both undefeated and guaranteed top 8 so we just play three games no side decking just for the hell of it. I honestly didn't care about finishing undefeated.
Game 1 I got all out with return on like turn 2 cause well who the fuck cares....I win this game on turn 4 I think.
Game 2 He otks me with red-eyes blaster tempest
 Game 3 He otks me again after flipping trap stun to stop my mirror force

Top 8 is annouced
 Top 8 vs Gladiator Beast Sorry Jesse :(
Game 1 I win this game pretty easily
Game 2 I make a huge misplay because I'm stupid and didn't think about what deck he was playing...... Game 3 I don't make the same mistake twice kill his fossil dyna with blaster. Make a dracossack to pop his facedown monster just in case its another fossil dyna, then flip return for game

 Top 4--We split

 Deck list is on my facebook page
 Pros Making money
 Cons Playing Jesse in Swiss and in Top8 :(

 the top 8 was
Plant Rulers
Plant Rulers
Mecha Rulers
Dragon Rulers
Blue Rulers
Gladiator Beast
Evilswarm ]

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